How To Start a Small Business
The Profit Puzzle Small Business Startup Success Course

When You Get a Lead Do You Just Close It or Share It?
Are looking to close new business? As you determine your prospect's needs, you may identify areas your referral partners can help with. Lead sharing, when appropriate, can help you generate more business.
More Leads?
Is it in your best interest to work with non-competitive businesses as referral partners to develop more leads for your business?
Good Fit?
List what your referral partners offer. For each category of referral partner describe how your products and services complements theirs.
Your Process?
Develop referral partnerships for multiple categories. Outline a process for passing and receiving leads with those partners.
It takes time, but building a solid, well rounded, word-of-mouth referral network is the most powerful tool for small business marketing success.
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How To Start
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